A racing car on the track at Goodwood Festival of Speed

'Glorious' Goodwood Festival of Speed 2023

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual automotive extravaganza, uniting a diverse mix of enthusiasts, elite drivers, and iconic vehicles from all eras. This year the event will take place between 1 - 5 August 2023.

The main spectacle of the festival, the Hillclimb, involves an adrenaline-filled journey up the Goodwood Estate's driveway. This 1.16-mile track showcases a broad spectrum of cars, from classic racers to contemporary supercars and cutting-edge concepts, all driven to the limit by world-class drivers.

Beyond the engine roars, the Goodwood Aviation Exhibition adds a skyward dimension, showcasing an array of aircraft. As evening descends, social events - live concerts, gourmet dining, and spectacular fireworks - bring the festival alive, fostering shared camaraderie among attendees.

The Goodwood Festival stands as an indispensable event in the international motor sport calendar.

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